What PLEX add-on to use with Vero V/ Kodi Nexu

Does PlexKodiConnect work? The downloads seem to be for Leia or Matrix. What should I use?


Nexus, since that is what the Vero V ships with. You can grab a zip for its repo over at github…

Then you install from zip to install the repo, then install from repo and navigate to the one you just installed and it gives you the correct add-ons.

Or you could try the Plex, or Composite add-ons from Kodi’s repo since all three are working options in Kodi v20.

Last time I had an issue I was told that the Plex add-on wasn’t working properly or “hadn’t been updated since 2018.” Is this now been updated and works?

Also, I see there is one called plexmod that is an offshoot of plex.

I use plex on Roku and on an Android TV, so I would assume that the interface is closest on the actual add-on (if it works…)?


Plex has been super slow in keeping their “official” add-on updated but it has been updated in the Kodi repository since that time and it works with Kodi v20. Last time it broke with an update I had a fix posted when the update was still in beta. I’ve not tried plexmod but I think that is mostly the same as the one currently in the Kodi repo. And yes, the “official” one is visually closer to what the Plex app is as Composite is either more of a file view or library integration and PKC is library integration only.

Excellent. I’ll give the standard add-on a try once I get my Vero V.

Thanks for the info!

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If you ever want to look at something other than Plex or have support cocerns, I author the Mezzmo Kodi addon and it has full support on Kodi 18 - 21. I have it running on 2 Vero Vs and 3 Vero 4k+ units right now, as well as 3 Roku units with the Mezzmo client .

The addon has native mode (Kodi library sync) and a browse / GUI mode all in one addon. No need for separate addons. Development is continuous. I have pushed 21 releases this year.

Just an FYI.


Dear Jeff,
I’ve got a legit Mezzmo license but I noted that the software is no more maintained since a long time.
Anyway I’ll definitely try your addon once Vero V will be available to me.

There hasn’t new major releases in a bit but Mezzmo has continued to provide new patches and minor features via patch releases. was the last official release but I am on right now. There haven’t been enough new major changes in the local streaming front to warrant a new major release and much of the new functionality has moved to the client side, hence all of the Kodi client updates. I think Plex has focused more on Internet streaming, subscriptions and services recently to improve revenue.

I also forgot to mention that the Mezzmo Kodi addon does support other DLNA / UPnP servers, including for Plex. This is a Plex browse and playback approach without library sync.


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