What remote control set to use for universal remote and Vero 4K?

I try to minimise the number of remotes hiding around the place and so tend to use a One For All device, but I’m struggling to find out what the Vero 4K is posing as. What control set/device should my One For All be set to use to control the Vero?

Thanks for all input,

Chris M

I’m using a Logitech Harmony remote with a Flirc. I used this on my RPi and moved it to the Vero as it was the easiest :slight_smile:

Ah yes, I have that on my RPi as well. I could do that but wanted to see if the Vero could be controlled directly without the Flirc…

Chris M

Yes, no need for FLirc on the Vero4k. You can use eg Logitech Harmony directly with the Vero4k. You can also use any other remote you just would need to train the keys respectively in to profile is available for that specific remote.

You can select some predefined profiles in My OSMC -> Remotes

Aha! I’d forgotten about that… Thanks,

Chris M

That’s why I used the flirc. I was just lazy and I knew that would work out of the box :slight_smile:

You would probably know this if it was an options for you, but if you have a harmony remote with a hub you can use bluetooth. There is a “Microsoft Kodi” profile that works well. A more responsive and reliable option than IR…