What settings for VC-1 codec playback?

Let me start off by saying I have tried to search for a solution first, but seems I can’t find it.

What settings should be used for smooth VC-1 playback?
My Vero4K is at a remote site direct streaming from my Jellyfin server and everything is playing smoothly (incl 2160p DV/HDR Remux) on that device except for VC-1 codec movies.

I think there must be a setting wrongly configured because it craps out and can even produce a green screen of death.
Maybe hardware acceleration related or something?

Not able to provide logs for the moment unfortunately.
It is not me who using the device.

Any tips?

Can you upload some logs so we can check settings?

Edit: I see you can’t provide logs. Hard to speculate, but it should just work.

Which Jellyfin Addon are you using? If for testing you copy that file to the Vero directly and play from there does it work?

OK, so hardware acceleration settings has no bearing on this I take it?
I’m asking because I might have changed some of those settings at some point before gifting it and forgot to revert back to default. My mind might be misremembering things though.

Jellyfin for Kodi, addon mode.
Good question. Might be a while before I can test that.
Are VC-1 files behaving differently over network than say a 100mbit h.265 remux?

As you are using it in addon mode are you sure that Jellyfin is using directplay for all of them? Maybe enable debug logging on Jellyfin to check the difference between playback?

As you are using addon mode they might behave differently as Jellyfin treat “translate” them.

I didn’t have debug on at the time but this is what was reported:

Jellyfin.Api.Helpers.MediaInfoHelper: Profile: "Kodi", Path: "/Movie.1080p.VC-1.REMUX.mkv", isEligibleForDirectPlay: True, isEligibleForDirectStream: True
Jellyfin.Plugin.PlaybackReporting.EventMonitorEntryPoint: StartPlaybackTimer : play_method          = "DirectStream"
Jellyfin.Plugin.PlaybackReporting.EventMonitorEntryPoint: StartPlaybackTimer : e.ClientName         = "Kodi"
Jellyfin.Plugin.PlaybackReporting.EventMonitorEntryPoint: StartPlaybackTimer : e.DeviceName         = "Vero4K"

So it seems it was untouched, and I did not see any transcoding events or remuxing happening when the problem appeared.