What should I do?

So I purchased a vero couple years ago and use it everyday. I love it and enjoy it. Well I need another one but I can’t afford to buy the new one. But I love the OSMC interface. Is there any android boxes or devices I can buy that’s cheaper to install osmc on? If so can you help me find one. Or find another vero used maybe? I tried eBay but no used Veros on there. Thank you

You can use the OSMC skin on any Kodi installation, but I suspect the reason you like the Vero is that it just works.

That may not be the case with some of the cheaper Android devices.

You can probably pick up a Vero 4K + on eBay for a good price as users are upgrading to the Vero V. Alternatively someone here may want to sell one to you - but specifying your location would probably help.

At the moment I can’t offer a discount yet. Margins are too tight. But I am always working to offer the device at the best possible price and trying to get it in the hands of as many people as possible.

You read my mind, it literally is the best box I ever used before. No lag, I can load IPTV on it. 4k works like a fucking charm (excuse my language). I just can’t spend money on the new one atm like that. I live in the USA.i might just save up for the new one. But would be interested in a used older one. Thank you for the reply

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In honesty, if you can stretch for it, a newer one would make more sense. If you’re happy with the old one you’ll be over the moon with the new one in terms of performance.

But my main argument is that it makes sense from a longevity perspective if you want something that runs for several years. The Vero 4K + will keep running; but won’t be supported forever as we’re starting to reach it’s technical limitations after 7 years…