What should my sources be to stay on the latest v18?

I added deb Index of /osmc/osmc/download/dev/gmc-18 gmc-18 main to get the nightlies before 18 was officially released… Do i just leave it as it is now? or do i need to change it?

You can remove the source you added, but you technically don’t have to for your box to stay on the latest v18. The Kodi version in the gmc-18 branch is older than the Kodi 18 on the main OSMC branch, (gmc branched to gmc-19 for the next revision of Kodi already). So unless you add the gmc-19 branch the current production OSMC branch will be more current than anything else.

thank you… i’ve removed that and done an update it’s telling me there are no newer versions…

i’m on 2019-04-01 is that correct?


Best to remove the sources list because we will eventually remove the v18 GMC repo. When this is removed users who still have this sources entry will get update errors.