What skin to use on Vero 4K+?

Rapier is my must-have skin.

This should be adressed in the next update… The option to adjust the dimming of non-focused cover art has already been present in our skin for a while now (under System/Interface/Skin/Configure skin…/Advanced/Dim factor of unfocused art). I’ll probably add another option to that setting before the next update: 0% dimming. This should be what you’re referring to, @bluefuzz. Correct? :slightly_smiling_face:
To make out which cover is selected, when using a low-percentage dim factor, the selected title’s cover art is now bigger in size. This new feature takes effect in widgets as well as other cover art views: wall view for movies, TV shows and music as well as add-ons and games under v18 and wide list for movies and TV shows.

An example:

The feature will be available in the next v17 update as well as in the next v18 nightly.

Excellent! Thanks. This should make the default skin a lot more pleasant to use.

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