What skin to use on Vero 4K+?

Hi there,

Just wanted to start a discussion about the favoriet skins for Kodi to use on the Vero 4K+.
The default OSMC skin is way to minimalistic.
Estuary is nice (the default Kodi skin) but I mis some info.
Aeon is nice, but a bit to slow for use on the Vero 4K+

Might be you have some advice for me?

  • Clean look
  • Recently added
  • Recently watched shows
  • media info (4k/1080p, 5.1/dts/dts-ma)
  • genre info
  • movie/tv-show info (short text about the movie or episode)
  • Posters/Banners
  • Quick and fluidly

OSMC skin

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there is no media info in the OSMC skin (on the home page)
Can’t find the genre info in the skin.

I do like its speed en clean look.

My favourite Kodi skin by far is Eminence 2.0. Highly configurable yet still fast and clean looking.

The default OSMC skin is a bit light on features but otherwise pleasant enough visually except for one fatal flaw - namely the way all the poster art is hidden under a grey mask except for the currently highlighted movie. That’s a truly dreadful design decision IMO, and makes the skin essentially useless.


May I encourage you to post some screenshots where you highlight what you especially like?
That could help others to better understand your pros and cons arguments. :wink:

Good idea.

I like this:

But want the media-info and genre info as seen here:

I guess the skin Amber comes really close.
But don’t know if it will run smooth (since my Vero is send beck totday for RMA (defect LAN))

I used to think this until I noticed that you can change how dimmed the unselected media is, after doing that its now my goto skin, mainly because its smoother when scrolling across movies/tv shows in the poster view than all the other skins, but they all seem to judder slightly on Vero 4k+, although nowhere near as much as on the Pi.
It’s a very sleek looking minimalist skin.

Sam mentioned an update soon for performance so I’m looking forward to that.

Even using the lightest overlay the posters are still seriously compromised. The whole point of using a nice graphical interface on the tv is to make use of the metadata and associated media to find stuff by. It simply makes it harder to recognize the artwork when it doesn’t have the correct colours. Also, I haven’t spent countless hours scouring the interwebs for the best artwork to have it hidden under a grey blanket! There are plenty of ways of indicating a selection without dimming all the unselected artwork. The Kodi default Estuary is exemplary in this respect and difficult to better …

I’ve nothing against minimalist design per se, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of useability. Both the artwork size and the type sizes in several places are also a bit small for my liking in the OSMC skin.

Each to their own, I haven’t got the time for personalising the artwork, maybe if my library was smaller I would but I find the default artwork that’s scraped is fine for my needs…and I have no issue with the non selected ones being slightly dimmer, nor I doubt does anyone who uses it.

I used to use Estuary all the time, I even made my own modded version, but that judder isn’t something I can put up with.

I don’t think I see judder on any skins on my Vero4K so maybe something else is amiss?

It’s not that I particularly want to personalise the artwork, but a lot of the movies I have in my library are fairly rare, experimental, arthouse, avantgarde etc. stuff that simply isn’t found using the usual scrapers. I use Tiny Media Manager to get the artwork and ‘Use Local Info’ in Kodi. I never let Kodi scrape anything. Maybe that’s why I don’t see judder?

@Wvanelten which Aeon skin did you use on the 4K+?

On all my devices so far I’ve been a fan of Aeon NOX. I will have the 4K+ in my hands in some days earliest, so I cannot test it yet but is NOX that slow on the 4K+?

Non yet.
But I know it is one of the most heavy skins.
And the CPU of the Vero isn’t the most strong :wink:

So I assume(d) Aeon won’t be fluid.

Yeah, especially the Aeon MQ skins… but the NOX versions should be quite lightweight compared to the others, so I hope it will be smooth. Anyone else tested Aeon NOX yet? Is it in the “Get more…” selection available anway? Or do you need to add a repository for Aeon NOX?

Using Aeon MQ 7 here, it works absolutely fine, already did on the standard 4K. Only the animated posters (cinemagraphs) cause small hickups.

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Oh its very slight…bordering nitpicking on my part, but its definitely there.
I should point out im extremely happy with the overall performance of the 4k+, its an excellent little device.

I think this is an issue Sam will solve, because something I’ve noticed is if I have video playing in the background, then go to my Movies/TV library and scroll, the judder is gone…completely, its smooth as butter, but with nothing playing its definitely there.
So the hardware is definitely capable…just some odd little software problem somewhere.
Im using the Leia nightlies btw.

I can see why you have to use other methods to find your own artwork if the scraper doesn’t come up with anything…thankfully its not something I have to bother with.

Mimic skin is IMHO one of the best around.

Arctic Zephyr has been my choice on my old kodi build, and now I have it running well on the 4k+.

I have been using Eminence skin for years on my htpc with kodi and since almost two months ago on my Vero 4k+. I test new skins some times but always back to Eminence.

My choice is Titan since migrated from MediaPortal to Kodi about 4 years ago. Now it runs very well on my new Vero 4K+. Yesterday tried Mimic, Arctic Zephyr and Eminence and… returned back on Titan :grinning:

Just got my 4K+ and decided to celebrate with a new skin (was using Estuary on my Pi2b previously). I’m using Arctic Zephyr now with the vertical arrangement, I like it a lot!