What skin with custom vertical home menu?

Previously when was a Shield user I used the Estuary MOD skin as was somewhat customize-able eg able to add new menu items to the vertical home menu eg new item for each source I had eg 4K, 3D, Kids.

I’m finding Estuary MOD bit sluggish on the Vero 4K so hence my ask of what other skin out there where custom vertical menu items can be added? Note, not a big fan of the OSMC default skin, sorry!

I don’t use the default OSMC skin, either, but you can add custom menu items, and it is vertical.

I use Titan with the vertical config and like it. It seems to be fine as far as speed is concerned.

I’ve used the Transparency skin in the past and quite liked it. It’s a vertical home menu by default. Can be found in the official Kodi repository.


Mimic skin can also have vertical menu and you can add custom items to it. I have added direct items to youtube, or di.fm music addon in the past and it worked.