What version of kodi does OSMC use?

I would like to know which version of kodi is used so I can find compatible skins easily :wink:

(Skins that aren’t available on the ‘skin store’ :slight_smile: )

Currently OSMC provides Helix 14.2 but that will soon change to Isengard 15.0 when that is released.

Thanks! Do you have any tips for making my own skin? :smile:



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To the OSMC dev team, @sam_nazarko and @DBMandrake , it would be super helpful if you listed the current installed Kodi version on the System>System Info screen. Currently it just says “Kodi” a version number would be extremely helpful.

I had the exact same question when I first installed OSMC (on a RPi) and could not find a reference to it through all the GUI’s. Did I miss it, is it listed anywhere?

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I agree with @RedTeamLeader. I have few more installations in the house with shared SQL database and it would be extremely useful to be sure for every installation in home regarding version number.