What will give me better composite? Apple TV 1st gen or Raspberry Pi?

I’m planning on transferring some 4:3 movies on to VHS for a personal video project I am working on. I have the tapes and the vhs players unfortunately I have no way of getting that footage to VHS via composite.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 but no apple tv first gen but I know composite on Raspberry Pi isn’t the greatest anyway. With that said I was thinking on grabbing an apple tv and run OSMC and see if that gets me better composite.

I saw a post on the wiki for 720p or 1080p on apple tv and on here one line in the code Section “Extensions”
Option “Composite” “Disable”

Caught my attention because I believe if I enable it and set quality to SD480p I could get a 480i composite signal from the Green component jack.

Wanted to see if anyone has had an experience with either or and if I can get composite of the apple tv.

I know I can buy a hdmi to av adapter but I’ve had bad luck with using them as they have all died on me. I do have a a computer with an older AMD gpu that actually can do composite out but I don’t have the adapter to get it to work.

Worst case I can just try using the Pi again.

This wouldn’t be used as a daily driver its only purpose would be to get high quality composite into a VHS player.

Assuming you’re talking about an Apple TV 1st generation, don’t buy one. The hardware is almost 15 years old.

You will find better hardware to meet your requirements.

Yeah I was referring to the first gen apple tv and yeah its very old. I’ll edit my post but the only purpose it would serve is a means of getting high quality composite into my VHS player for recording to tape. I decided to look up and adapter for the gpu I mentioned a pc I have has and I may be able to get composite out of it after all!

Are you sure the composite on the VHS is an in rather than an out? It’s been a very long time but I seem to recall that most VHS had their own RF tuner inside so would typically record straight from their inbuilt tuner rather than from an external source.

Most VHS players have RF in as well as composite as well. I have two consumer players but only one of them has composite in so from what I understand its just not common. I’m sure its not hard to convert rf to composite and vice versa so if I have to use it I just have to use a high quality cable.