What's shutting down my Vero 4K?

Hey folks,

Since an update a few months ago, my Vero 4K seems to be shutting down by itself (no way to wake it up without unplugging). My Kodi system settings doesn’t have auto shutdown to ON, so I’m not sure what’s shutting down my Vero 4K. Is there a timer of inactivity on the Vero 4K itself? My Harmony doesn’t shut down the Vero 4K when switching activity, so I’m not sure what does.

I just tested Suspend manually and I can wake the Vero 4K up with my Harmony controller. so I’m guessing it’s shutting down? Even weirder, my Kodi settings has “Suspend” in Shutdown function.

Can you still reach it by ssh or web browser?

Also worth uploading logs so we can see your Suspend settings

Thanks folks. I’ll wait for the red light to come back again and I’ll do some testing. I just switched to another device but the Vero 4K’s light is still blue, so I’ll pay attention to when the red light shows up.