Whats the best picture and sound settings for me?

I have an old Panasonic plasma that will go up to 1080. (Superb picture and a bit lapse at the moment to replace it). I have a large collection of movies and tv shows on the NAS, allot are in SD quality. I have an LG sound bar on the way with a pair of speakers so i’ll end up with surround sound. Whats my best settings option for picture and sound on the 4k+ box for what I have ?

Apart from me upscaling my collection manually doing a re rendering software option, will the box allow me to do upscaling of any nature ?

Cheers in advance

For sound options, see here

For video, SD will automatically be upscaled to 1080p unless you use the whitelist to allow the TV to do the upscaling.

While the box will upscale to 1080p by default, the television will almost certainly do a better job of upscaling than the Vero 4K+ does. So, for optimal picture quality, you should avoid upscaling on the box as much as possible - hence the potential benefits of using the whitelist.

Yea, that’s fine if you have a TV that does upscaling, mine doesn’t, it’s old, lol, so I have to rely on the box. Ill do some tests at some stage and see what happens if I use some upscaling software on my PC, and view the differences.

I think that’s highly unlikely.

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When you watch an SD video, does the picture fill the screen from top to bottom, or are you watching it in a small box in the middle with the rest of the screen black? If the video fills the screen then it is being upscaled.


So, setup was as per the advice provided by grahamh

Soundbar arrived and set it up, minus x2 speakers, so just the soundbar and bass speaker.

Thought a good test would be “Top Gun” so downloaded it, and off we went.

I was a bit apprehensive at first because I have had 5.1 speaker systems in the past and, although they worked, they ended up as too bass’ie, and not very good mid range.

Well ! Wow ! The picture is great quality, makes my old plasma TV really shine, and the movie soundtrack really leaps out at you. The bass only works when its needed, and speech is crystal clear. Its as though I have never seen this movie before !

Lockdown gunna be great !

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