What's the best way to specify manual DNS with DHCP IP?

I have my router assigning addresses and a standard DNS server. For my media devices I use a different DNS service that I do not want assigned to all of my devices.

Within OSMC i see no way to allow DHCP assignment but manual entry of DNS servers. What is the best way to configure this scenario outside of the GUI?

This can’t currently be done from the GUI, but it should be possible using the command line tool ‘connmanctl’. Launch the command and type help and it is reasonably well self documented. The options you want are services and config.

I’m fairly sure if you change only the DNS servers it will still remain in DHCP for all other settings. (In fact we had a bug in the GUI in the past where this could happen when switching from static back to DHCP)

Thank you for the information. I’ll take a look at the command this evening.

What’s the best way to request GUI control be added?