What's the largest supported SD Card size on Vero V

I just ordered the Vero V, and I’m wondering what the maximum SD card size is? If I go bigger will it just not use the extra space? I didn’t see this answered anywhere in the wiki or the pdf of the documentation.


Up to 2TB should work fine.
You can format the card and it will be mounted automatically under /media, but it isn’t ‘used’ by default as we don’t know what you want to use it for.

Will have that order out for you in a few hours with tracking


Ok thanks. When the tracking number shows I can start the count down. :smile:
As for the SD card, good to know I can go to 2TB… might use it initially as media storage until the NAS is up and running…

I certainly hope you don’t buy a 2TB SD card right now as real ones I don’t think exist yet on the consumer market. If you do find one it will likely be very fake (usually a small SD that reports that it is much larger and it just keeps overwriting the same space so only the last files written are actually readable). SD cards have their place up to a certain size and cost but at some point some form of USB storage will generally be the better option. I just took a peek on Amazon and saw that a 1.5TB SanDisk SD card costs $150. You can get a thumb drives and portable hard drives for a fraction of that cost that will be faster and more reliable. That seems to me a steep cost to have something a bit more compact.

haha… I think I worded that poorly… I don’t plan to get a 2TB micro SD card for sure… Probably more like a 256GB-512GB. I should have worded it more like : “I might use external storage initially until the NAS is up and running”… One thing about the micro SD in general is that I can use it for other things when I’m finished storing media on it, whereas a USB thumb drive won’t work in some of my other devices.


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