What's the quickest way to check for updates to all installed add ons?

As per subject line: if I want to check all installed add ons for updates, and download and install latest versions, what’s the simplest way to trigger that?


This works in the osmc skin:

Settings → Add-on browser: Then bring up the left menu and select check for updates.

Other skins check this out:


Thanks Tom.

Out of curiosity, is there also a way to do it from the command line?


This may work: kodi-send -a "UpdateLocalAddons()"


Thanks Tom.

"UpdateAddonRepos()" should check the installed repos for new versions of repo(eg new versions of addons in the repo), and if auto-update is enabled for the addon, should trigger an auto update “eventually”. I have no clue of time till auto updates of addons.

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