What's the veros standard video output?

what’s the vero4k+'s standard video output? RGB or yCbCr?

It defaults to YCbCr, but it can also output either full-range or limited-range RGB if you change a menu option.

ok, thank you for your quick reply. Is there any difference in picture quality?

Generally, no, but it does depend on your display. Some displays do better with one of the formats compared to the other.

Although you can’t change while playing a video, you can change the setting while not playing without a restart of Kodi, so it’s quick to compare the two options to see if there is any difference.

Typically televisions prefer YCbCr, and PC monitors prefer full-range RGB; but as nabsltd says, you can experiment and see what looks better.

It can output full-range YCC as well but I believe most TVs will ignore the signalling and assume it’s limited range so you get wrong colours.