What's wrong with the forum lately?

@sam_nazarko what’s wrong with the forum lately?

I’m getting constant errors the past few days

Sorry, we couldn’t load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know. Try Again

while trying to load /latest.json
Something went wrong.
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Most likely due to the increase in traffic since the availability of Rpi2 and the mention of OSMC on Lifehacker.com

We are seeing a lot of traffic lately. Seeing as we’ve survived Engadget, New York Times and WSJ coverage before, I’m quite surprised.

We’ll be upgrading our infrastructure for the official OSMC release


Didn’t know all that … let’s hope the upgrades help :smile:
Seeing above errors almost every few clicks, it’s becoming annoying…

I noticed that the “New OSMC forums” link from the old forums:

redirects to http://discourse.osmc.tv which doesn’t work.

I think that redirect needs to change to https or there needs to be a http to https redirect for the new forums (or both).


That URL works for me.

Our forum is HTTPS only


Yes, it works now. It was definitely not working before.