What's Your Favorite Streaming Service?

Hi, all. What’s your favourite streaming service?

TCP, but I don’t have a strong preference over UDP :wink:



I use YouTube and Twitch by far the most followed by HBO go and Netflix

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Personally for me its NFL Game Pass as that allows me to watch every game my team plays rather than the 3 or 4 times they would be shown on Sky Sports during the regular season.

If you’re talking TV and movie streaming my family love my Netflix sub but I struggle to find much on there that appeals to me,
despite having less choice I find more to watch on Amazon Prime than I do Netflix.

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Netflix, 'cos I’m boring. Amazon Prime Video second, YouTube third, BBC iPlayer fourth.

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tl;dr: Disney+, Netflix, CBS All Access, and Amazon (but only for single episodes I miss)

I record almost all of our TV from OTA or cable sources, so historically I’ve used the streaming services as backups. For that I like Amazon becuase it’s easly to rent/buy one episode of something if needed. I recently picked up a one month Netflix trial, and I see why people like it. There is lots of content, but given our primary is still OTA/cable I don’t know if I’m going to keep it (just because I’ll run out of time to watch stuff). That said, I did just signup for Disney+. I’m a huge Marvel and Star Wars fan, so there’s going to be enough content there for me to justify the monthly cost (and I did the three year up front for the cost of 2 year deal, so it’s cheaper). And we subscribe to CBS All Access for a month every year to watch Star Trek:Discovery (and will watch Picard at the same time I suspect).

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My LAN’s DLNA server.

Everything on it is stuff we like. It has movies, tv, music, books on tape, old family photos.

Best of all, it works when the internet is down.

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How do you add dlna server to your vero? Upnp?

DLNA client/server is default available.
Just need to activate in Settings

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Thanks @fzinken!

I don’t have a vero, but have 2 systems running OSMC.

My main DLNA server is a headless Plex Server. To access it, using PlexBMC (dead addon) and a helper. The versions are:

plexbmc-helper-v3.4.2.zip plugin.video.plexbmc-3.1.5.zip

I dislike every plex client I’ve seen, but love a few things it provides that kodi doesn’t like transcoding based on the client capabilities and access from anywhere in the world through my VPN without trusting any external provider are nice. Under Kodi v18, PlexBMC isn’t nearly as nice as it was previously. Call it personal preference.

There are a few other DLNA servers, controllers, and renderers on the LAN that get used a little to access the centralized media.

I’d rather have finer control over the media shared which DLNA doesn’t support, but the real-time transcoding and web interface streaming make up for that.

Kodi doesn’t really know much about the media on the network here. I don’t replicate it into any of the Kodi DBs. My Plex Server is a dual-core Intel system ($126 in parts) providing many, many, other services to the LAN (NFS, Calibre, Plex, Nextcloud, etc.). The machines running Kodi are all SBCs, with slow networks, slow storage, and are basically treated as video/audio rendering systems only.

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