When downgrading firmware can I backup and restore ALL settings?

So I’ve pulled this as a separate question from another thread.

I have some issues with sound after updating to the latest Vero 4K firmware. Sam tells me:

If I do this I’ll need to ensure all my keymaps on the logitech remote are still assigned correctly. Can anyone confirm please that doing a backup with My OSMC will save those settings?
Also how about my source mounts etc?

Is there anything NOT backed up by the use of My OSMC?

If the above is backing everything up, then to reinstall my last working build should be as simple as:

  1. Backup all settings to USB using My OSMC
  2. Download [2022.03-1] image and install using standard OSMC installer
  3. Reinstall all my backed up settings using My OSMC

Then all should be good to go - Is that correct please or have I forgotten something?



The backup tool is only recommended for backing up and restoring to the same version of OSMC.

If you made keymap changes via the Keymap Editor then it will be included in the backup.

That’s great thanks Sam,

I used the Keymap Editor so should be good then.

Might have to try downgrading and see what happens then if my audio issues can’t get sorted

I’ll give it a little while just in case…