When i reboot my Vero, my PS4 switch on


Why is it that when I restart my Vero, my PS4 that is turned off turns on?

For my part, it’s a HDMI issue but I don’t know how to fix it.

FYI, my HDMI amp is a Marantz NR1605.


Check CEC options in System Settings.

I don’t know what to check…


Yeah, I wish it was disabled as standard, first week i had my vero 4k, dont know if there was a power cut or system rebooted, but turned bedroom tv on in middle of night :expressionless:

Per default it is enabled on all devices,
also on your TV.
I think, this is for easy use out-of-the-box.

I have exactly the same behavior.

Vero 4k+ and ps4 are connected to marantz sr6014. I have everything disabled in cec on kodi and when I reboot vero, ps4 turns on. I also have Nintendo switch on it, and that one doesn’t turn on. Only the ps4

That’s because Vero will de-assert HPD when it reboots; and your TV will then wake any other connected device. It is probably configurable in your TV settings.

nobody have resolved this issue today ?

Did you check cec settings?

I don’t understand CEC settings…

Set “Devices to turn on during startup” to None.

tks ooZee, i try asap :wink: