When running with HDR dim menu overlay

Not sure if this is possible.
When playing a movie with HDR obviously my LG C8 will crank out a lot of luminance. When I open things like “download subtitle” or the movie info overlay it is really bright.
Would it be possible to auto dim/turn down the contrast of the Kodi overlay when something with HDR is playing?

Is also somewhat related to subtitle brightness and transparency like described in this topic: Subtitle brightness setting - #15 by sam_nazarko

It’s on the list of things to do after we implement kernel 4.x.

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If the user brings up the overlay, we can just fall back to SDR (via sysfs).

The downside of switching back to SDR is that the TV also needs to switch which will result in blank screen for a period. Like switching resolution and frequency when video starts playing.

No, that can be done on the fly. But the right answer is pre-adjust the OSD so that when it’s mixed with the video the colours (of the OSD) come out the same as if it was HD/SD.


Hi, lgc7 owner, would it be possible to give all menus a slight movement (slow panning) including the buttons at pause to prevent oled screen burn. Call it an oled-friendly mode. Or a osd option to remove all info/buttons etc. when a movie is paused and pan the still image immediately. Another toggle switch. Oled owners need a feature like this. Thank you.

You can already customise it so the OSD does not appear when playback is paused.

Slight movement of all items won’t be possible, I’m afraid. Two things you can do (I speak out of experience as a plasma user - those have a lot higher tendency to burn-in):

  • adjust the duration the OSD is shown during pause to 0:

  • set the ‘Dim’ screensaver to, let’s say, 1 minute and let it dim the whole screen to complete black:

Thank you, or when paused availability to engage the screensaver immediately.

One minute is fine.

You’re a star, love the scope edition.

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