When the TV is switched off setting

In “When the TV is switched off” setting I can see following options:

  • Quit
  • Hibernate
  • Suspend
  • Shutdown
  • Ignore
  • Pause Playback
  • Stop Playback

Can somebody explain the difference between Quit and Shutdown, Hibernate and Suspend. Also which is the best option to set when TV is switched off. My requirements are:

  1. It should consume least power
  2. TV playback should be stopped so that it does not hog the bandwidth

I am running OSMC on Raspberry Pi 3.

Raspberry Pi doesn’t support suspend. If you shut down the device you will need to turn it back on at the mains.

Stop Playback is probably what you’re after.

How about the quit option. Will it stop the playback as well and consume less power than just stopping the playback?

Also does shutting down and then restarting every time tv is turned on/off can affect the durability of my sd card?

It will quit Kodi and then Kodi will be started again (due to the watchdog restarting it).
Even with energy prices as they are – the Pi 3 does not consume a lot of power and you won’t save more than a couple of pounds a year.

If you pull the plug, yes, if you turn it off safely, no.

Ok thanks, I will set it on stop the playback in that case.