When will my Vero 4K+ be shipped?

I don’t want to sound impatient, but ordered a Vero 4K+ on August 23 and the status keeps showing ‘Order Packaged’ since then.

The order number is #33593

Any idea when I can expect the parcel to arrive?

This has already shipped.



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A bit of hitchhiking here:
I’ve ordered my Vero 4K+ on 24/9, haven’t received a confirmation email and since then nothing… no shipping info, no tracking number… @sam_nazarko could you please look into it? order number is 33810.

Since 24/9 was last Friday and I highly doubt osmc store works over the weekend and it’s Monday now I’d assume you will get the shipping notification today or tomorrow or sometimes this week

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with ^^


We have a small backlog, but we are working steadily through it.
We don’t ship orders on weekends, but we do package them.