When will OSMC be bootable from ATV 1 internal Hard disk

Hello Guys
I successfully downloaded OSMC to a bootable USB stick, but now I cannot connect my external HD which has all my media on. I was previously using Crystalbuntu without any complaints
until for some reason it could not get a mac address and this cancelled my ethernet connection.
Thus, i could no longer update my library for a lack of an internet connection. Please help
me if u can. Can one still get the old crystalbuntu software or will OSMC have a bootable version
from the ATV 1 internal Hard disk soon.

Looking forward to the OSMC bootable version from the internal harddrive (ATV) !

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Support for hard disk installs is not too far off.




thank you Sam ! I use a ATv (first version) on to which the USB with OSMC is plugged in. So looking forward to the OSMC installation on the ATv Hdd itself . Cheers !

I must say I am really confused with the OSMC installer instructions. I am a computer proffesional and have been teaching computers for 50 years. Ir is not as easy as you say it is really confusing.

I have 2 ATV1 with internal disk drives and 1 Pi 1b.
I have tried 8 different USB and 6 different SD cards without anny success.

My latest attempt is with ATV1 and a 256GB SSD disk and it will not work either.

My SD card or USB will not flash so I don’t know how long to hold the menu and + buttom? I get different results.

I am using the Installer on a Windows 10 computer.
I want, first, to install OSMC on my ATV1 SSD disk.


What do you mean on the install option.

First. In the window “select version” I mark "2016.10-1-HD, since I want to install on the ATV1 internal HD.

Second. in the window “install options” I can only shose SD card and is “install options” where I want to boot from at the end or the intermedia media (USB or SD card) writing the image to, in my case, the internal disk.

I can only chose “install on SD card” the other options is not possible?

Shall I mark install to “Internal Storage” (not possible) and install the image to the SD card or USB or

Shall I move the SSD disk to my Windows 10 computer for installation

or shall I use the SD or the USB for the installation and and mark install on “Internal storage” then move the USB or SD to the ATV1 and install on to the SSD disk?

It is also confusing to read that there is a bug and to install on the ATV1 internal disk is not possible at the moment.

Please explain.

This is an old post

It is possible to install to the hard disk.
The questions you ask have also been covered throughout the forum.

Pick the HDD image
You don’t select SD card or USB, those options are greyed out because you already selected HDD. This is a limitation of the current installer for this platform. But… if you want to improve things as a computer professional, it is open source…
Then you write it to a USB disk and plug it in with your drive connected.
This is done so that you don’t need to remove the disk to install

Unfortunately I think it may be time for me to discontinue AppleTV support. I’m spending a disproportionate amount of time on answering the same two or three questions regularly. Time that could be spent elsewhere.

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I did it. I had to keep trying and it was the oldest HDD installer but it’s working. I do remember my ATV1 I had years agao was better with XBMC but OSMC does work!