Where are my downloads?

So I’ve downloaded some channels, but where are they and once I find them how do I add them to my favorites?

What are channels?
How did you download them?

Right within the Vero 4k dashboard.

Can you take a photo of what you mean by this?


I added some pics for the poster who requested some. As you can see in the one picture - Program Add On’s there is Plex and YouTube. I added my other programs via the "Install From Repository. Currently I have 13 in total downloads, but where do I click/search to find them and when I do how can I add them to My Favorites?

Addons after installed will be in their respective Category. E.g. Youtube would be under Videos -> Video Addons

Go to the Addon (e.g. Videos - Video Addons go onto Youtube) and press the key for the context menu (the 3 lines on the Vero remote) there you have Add to Favourites

You can also modify the main menu and add extra items. I have one that jumps straight to the list of “Video Add-ons” for example.

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