Where can I find out more information on system updates?


One of my favorite things about OSMC is the routine and extremely useful updates. That said, sometimes I have a hard time locating or understanding features described in your blog posts. Take these two from the July post:

  • Added new side-menu player controls when using the OSMC skin
  • Add support for playing video in native aspect ratio (4:3) on Vero 4K / 4K +

Where can I find more information on these?

Thank you!


This is a skin change. There is a skin changelog and you can view it here: https://github.com/osmc/skin.osmc/blob/master/Changelog.md. This option was added for the OSMC skin specifically.

There’s a bit of discussion on it here: "Use HDMI AVI signalling" video option should only be used at SD resolution. It may need a bit more work.


Great, thanks Sam!

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