Where download and how i can install driver for DVB-T 820T2

Hallo !

I upggrade to last version OSMC on my RPi3. I try to youse live tv, but itdoes not work. On libreelec works normall. Maybe i need to help with installation rivers for this usb stick, but i i don´t know how.

Pleas step by step.

Than you.

Well first need to figure out if driver or firmware is missing.
Provide output of grab-logs -J


I don´t know what happend, but now is work streaming from rpi to pc via local adress. But problem is that i need to have TV in main menu in OSMC rpi.

Thanks for help !

Can you explain what you mean with that?
Did you install TVHeadend Server?

yes, i install tvheadend server from app store. After this i installed addon ( PVR Client TVheadend HTPS Client and set adrress my computer and stream is working. I can play everything on my pc via VLC player.

But if I changed adress to default and try to find any channel i will get messsage “None of the connected PVr BACKENDS SUPPORTS SCANNING FOR CHANNELS”

This means you are using the TVHeadend Server on your PC!

For that you need to connect the DVB-T stick and then install and configure the TVHeadendserver on your OSMC device.

my dvb-t stick is connect in rpi whole time
I don´t know exactly what did you mean.

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Ok seems that your TVHeadend Server is working.
Have you configured the server (scanned the muxes and assigned channels?

This is a little problem, because i don´t know exactly where i have to configred it.

This is not help for me. I have read it many times. Maybe only one thinks wrong i did. Never used password osmc. I used dvb-t on libreelec without any problem. Only on osmc i can not set it.

I don´t know what happend, but now is live dvb-t is working.

Thanks for help!!!

Maybe I have last question. If i use USB DVB-T is it possible to save setting? i mean if i need always after start rpi and Tv internet connection?

I don’t understand the question, try to rephrase

When i set default setting to adress the raspberrry must be cennected to the internet for the while from begining. to read some data from server.
Today i try to install new clear instalation an Live TV doesńt work again. Problem is than tv headend server does not start from begining. I did everything as before. I am really unhappy. It is too complicated to install it.

Now I install Live TV without any problems in 2 minutes. Main problem was that is neccesary to the first set dvb-t via computer and after you can use PVR addon.
Heureka. Not neccesary to install or upgrade TV headend server from app store. Original ffrom app store is working.

I love OSMC.