Where have the PVR Addons gone in Kodi 18?


I have 3 Kodi devices, one a Vero 4K, one a Pi 3, both running OSMC and also an older Pi 2 running RetroPie with Kodi installed for the optional packages menu.

Since they all recently upgraded to Kodi Leia 18 I am now unable to find the PVR Addons menu within the Kodi repository. It just is not there on any of these devices. I want to install the TVHeadend Client on one of these devices as my Vero 4K is running as a TVHeadend server. One of these had the TVHeadend client installed prior to Kodi 18 and its working fine and can be seen and configured from My Addons.
So anybody know where the PVR Addons has been hidden or could somebody give me the instructions to carry out a command line install of the TVHeadend Client please?

Seems weird that Kodi decided to make this Addon menu disappear. All the others are there.
Does it become visible if you change the skin? Or is it now an optional menu item in Addons?

Cheers for any pointers,


They are already installed. Check the My Add-ons section of the add-on browser and simply enable the client you wish to use.

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Yes, you’re correct! There they are!

Thanks :+1: