Where is OSMC Final?


Where is OSMC Final ?

Thx !

It will be released when it’s ready.
Questions like this wont speed up the process.

in before the lock

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It would normally released yesterday.

It will come, when it’s ready…
Sam chooses to deliver quality shortly later than rushing out a buggy release.
Good call if you ask me…

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it will be released in ‘ONE YEAR’…

don’t worry, be happy!

I check the forum every day to see if there is a new release. Recently, there is a lot of people asking and even complaining because the release is not ready yet… Unbelievable.

I would like to see one thread like: “Sam and the rest of the team: is there something we could do to help?”


How to run wifi ? Why ask the wifi at the facility if it does not work ?

I have TP-Link TL-WN725N V2

I’m quite happy running Alpha 4 until it’s ready. Looking forward to Final, it but it’s hardly a hardship having to wait.

Same here, Alpha 4 is working perfect here… really don’t need a final yet atm :smile:

wifi work at home ?

It’s good, my wifi dongle is recognized automatically.

Where is the files advancedsettings.xml, remote.xml, addon skin, script ???

/home/osmc/.kodi/userdata :wink:

Maybe related to Sams Thunderclap ??


Given the URL (osmc released) the title (After a year of hard work, #OSMC, the free open source media center reaches its stable release! Please RT) the footer (We will post this message on your feed along with other supporters on March 05 at 8:00PM GM) and the author (SamNazarko)

People could be forgiven for believing OSMC might be released ???

March 05 at 8:00PM 2016. Check the time left.

Ok Thx ! And for addon skin, script, plugin etc.

First world problems…

that was just a placeholder whatever that means but its not ready we all have to wait simples

any updates?