Where is the App Store? (ELI5)

Sorry - a N00b here. I am new to OSCM (and never used raspbmc). I keep seeing references to an “App Store” and many people asking exactly where it is, but no one ever replies to the requests for explaining where to get to the App store before the thread gets hijacked.

So in Reddit speak: Explain Like I’m Five. Where is this App Store?

I should point out, I have a Pi2 with Alpha 4 up and running beautifully.

Sorry again for the n00b question.

Well if you’ll notice, we’re still only in alpha development. That said, the app store is still a work in progress but it is coming. The app store will contain a selection of packages that have historically been quite popular in Raspbmc etc…

A few examples would be apps like Deluge torrent client, certain LiveTV/PVR clients, maybe even Hyperion ambilight plugin. There are others and this will provide a simple way to install them after they’ve been tested for function specifically under OSMC.

Applications Store goes live on the 28th


Oh I see! I just kept seeing references to it and that things were “in it” but couldn’t find it. Yes, I know it’s alpha…but that could include the App Store too. Didn’t mean to insult anyone! I’m psyched for being a part of this.