Where is the audio delay offset?

I am in the OSD and what I believe to be the audio section. I see an option for subtitle offset but no audio.


It’s under the same menu – it cannot be used with passthrough.

Looks like it also works for passthrough.


What option please?

You need to change the settings level higher (Advanced or Expert) to see it. Or, if you use a keyboard, you can just use the A key to bring it up directly, regardless of the settings level.

Thanks. Currently under system I have Expert, does it need to be enabled in other menu?

If I need to offset the audio, I tend to do it within Kodi when playing a video stream. Press ok, select the audio icon and simply adjust a slider to synchronise the audio with the video. I think (from memory), you can make this setting a default for all videos if required.

Sam, as I am in Expert mode and I am not seeing the option, does this mean my installation is broken? Seems very strange.

Something looks odd. Suggest to upload logs, maybe we spot something.

OK, where do I post my log url? Here?


Hi @Melonboy666,

your screenshot shows you activated "Audio DSP " at GUI->Settings->System->Audio.
Deactivate this setting and try again. :wink:

@JimKnopf You are a genius! Thank you!

I am wondering if it is possible to set audio offset to other values than the .025 increments it can be adjusted with by using OSD?

Are you having issues with a lot of content that this is required? If so I would suggest you post logs and let us take a look at your settings which may have something set that is causing this.

Hi, yes as far as I can tell it’s on all media, all of it with same delay.
It used to be working perfectly but about a month ago I started to need to adjust the sound ahead by slighly more than .175, slightly less than .200 ms.
No difference between passthru or not

I have a Vero 4K+ and show it on a samsung QE65Q8DNA

I’m not spotting anything obvious in your logs. Are you just using the speakers on the TV, or is there a soundbar or AVR involved? I would look to see if there was some lip sync or other audio offset settings downstream of the Vero. Barring that you could set a global offset with more granularity as shown here. Be aware that any video you had already adjusted the offset on has that stored so I believe that will override any global setting.

On a unrelated note you have a lot of buffer timeouts coming from your network share. You may want to look into that.

Thank you Darwin.
Looked into that but in the end decided it was overkill.
However, things are now seriously weird. 175ms worked well for a time but yesterday it was back to 0ms or perhaps .050ms.
But today it is once again lots of delay, about .250
And it is the same on several media, even that which was 0ms yesterday.

And yes, I am using no soundbars, sound directly from TV via HDMI. And no funny business have happened with the TV since yesterday, haven’t even rebooted it. And the Vero haven’t even been turned off

I am uploading logs of it

Grateful for advice / Gurgel

Also, thanks for telling me about the timeouts, I am not too surprised. My seriously underpowered NAS just about manages what I want from it.