Where is the "Transparency" skin?

Merry Christmas

new Vero 4K received !

I can’t find the “Transparency” skin in the list of skins?
Yet it is KODI certified and in the KODI-Wiki we explain how to install it …
it is even in the list of the 25 (14th) best kodi skin 2021 !
25 Best Kodi Skins for 2021 (XBMC Skins) • TechLila

How to do ?

Thank you

There is no support for it in Kodi v19. See Kodi 19.0 "Matrix" support.

You could use an older version of Kodi if you want.

Merry Christmas.

An older version on Vero 4K ?
while it is up to date with the latest version? how to … go backwards?

can we just reinstall Kodi in an old version or do we have to reinstall OSMC as described in this page?

If you need to reinstall OSMC, which latest version contains Kodi Leïa?
2021.11-2 57a5670bc186a592ccd8ef7991ad05b4
2021.08-1 287ba6e526b8698437c51c466a8d427a
2020.11-1 40a5c21d282206c233bec8b0d1b53304

Then how to ban Kodi update?

Thank you

Yes to go back to older Version you need to reinstall OSMC

Is the latest Leia version.
If you really want to do that ensure that you disable updates (in MyOSMC Updates) after the installation.

OK, thank You

Finaly, My brother prefers to keep the updates and stay on Metropolis on his new Vero 4K …
After years with Transparency (on R. Pi)

True: Transparency, for me and in the opinion of many users is (was) the best skin, but luckily Metropolis is a bit similar …

Hy, personnaly i was a fan of Transparency too. But know i us AMBER and is mosly similar (fanart oriented) if you change some parameter …