Where should I put a LiveTV buffer?

This might be better in the v19 thread, but it’s just my lack of noticing.

My PVR (DVBViewer) like many others supports LiveTv buffering. There must have been a default that was used in my pre-19.1 build and now there is no path.

What path should I use? Is it best to keep it on the 4k or use my remote media server storage?

Do you mean timeshift?

AH yes, sorry. The timeshift buffer. In the PVR config, there is a place to put a timeshift buffer location but I don’t know what to select. I’ve never been asked for it before despite having the buffer previously.

DVBViewer is a kodi add-on, so best would be to ask the related kodi forum. But their wiki talk about using a harddisk, see Options Timeshift - DVBViewer.

Forum can be found here Kodi Community Forum - DVBViewer.

If you get the Live TV data via a network stream (sat->ip server), imho I never ever would try a network share/drive since by that you triple the required bandwidth: One for the input stream, one for writing the data to the network share and another one reading the network share (viewing the timeshift).

From the DVBViewer manual
`== Directory ==
Defines the directory where the DVBViewer writes the timeshift files.

Below the input field the free disk space of the drive is shown.
It is advised to use a timeshift folder on a disk with several gigabyte free space (the more the better). If ‘‘keep Timeshift-files’’ is activated you may need a lot of disk spacce.`

And from the Kodi Addon Page
Timeshift buffer path The path to the timeshift buffer file. If you watch a channel for a long time you might run out of disk space (depends on your free space). Switching channel will truncate the file.

Considering that the Vero only has a 16 GByte emmc of which most likely already 1/3 is used I believe the NAS might be a better place. While you drill might want to disable the “keep Timeshift-files” option.

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Thanks all. I think they have updated the recording service as the options aren’t available in DVBViewer setting anymore, they are in the add-in config. I think there’s been a few changes and it’s confused me a bit