Where to buy Movies?

Where can I buy Movies for use with OSMC?

Go to any store that sells DVD, Bluray or UHD and purchase the movie you are interested in. Get MakeMKV (or your favorite ripping program) and rip them to a drive. Repeat for each movie you wish to watch.

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You need to understand that all the shops you buy online movies sell you the “right to view” the movie.
In fact, you don’t own your copy, you only own the right to visualize it. Hence it is very different from actually buying a DVD/Blueray (Even though these are also encrypted).

When I realized (some 8 years ago) that the movies I had on iTunes could only play back on Apple hardware (DRM/Encryption lock), the other online movie stores do that too, I looked for a way to get rid of the DRM of all of the movies I had (Around 4000Euro in value), because I wanted to be able to see them on my own Linux devices etc. when I wanted and where I wanted.

So, when you buy digital movies, keep that in mind.

With the next Kodi version you should be able to buy movies at Amazon Prime and Netflix, and view them on your OSMC device. If I remember correctly, the Beta just came out or is about to come out (Kodi 18.x).

Anyway, now I buy the BlueRay/DVD and RIP them and put a local copy on my NAS (Mostly online, waiting for the prices to fall to 10/15 Euro or so).
These - I own.

Okay, thank you. I will try the Kodi Beta, and see if that works. If it doesn’t work, I will just buy the DVDs/Bluerays and rip them

When I try to play a Downloaded Video from Netflix in Kodi 18, I just see this:

and some flickering to gray.

Haven’t they added a decoder in the v18 Beta?

You need to use the Netflix add-on.

I just installed the Netflix Addon from GitHub - asciidisco/plugin.video.netflix: Inputstream based Netflix plugin for Kodi and I can watch Movies from Netflix, but I can’t download them

That’s right – there isn’t support for playing back recorded videos.

I’m fairly certain that Netflix doesn’t intend for you to be able to download them. It’s essentially a rental service, not purchase.

Yeah, I already thought so, I will probably just buy the DVDs/Bluerays and rip them.