Where to send a patch for Dazn


I’ve been using osmc for a few months: amazing software!

It seems that Dazn has changed the URLs. I’ve spent some time and fixed my local Dazn plugin URLs. Where is the best place to send a patch / or pull request? I’m confused with the source of plugins, where they live, where is the best place to send feedback.

Thank you!


This might be the addon you are refering to, i don’t know since I’m not using it:

could you tell where and what you changed. Thanks I got a Subscription w/ them…

This is the patch: diff --git a/resources/lib/client.py b/resources/lib/client.pyindex 30ae9e6..6 - Pastebin.com

But after spending one evening with this (and it keeps working) I found this:

That seems more updated than the Dazn plugin that I had. But I haven’t tested this one since “mine” is working.

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this one would only work w/ Matrix for a python3 dependency, I think. there’s one for Leia, will check it out. thanks

this plugin on GH was updated but still it stopped working for me. any idea