Where's my Vero 4K +?

If you are genuinely worried you can email support@osmc.tv to request a refund by providing your order number.

Please be patient — you will get your devices.

Thanks for you understanding.

Hi Matt,

I just checked this for you.

Your order was automatically associated with your email (GMail) that you’re using. Can you go to myosmc.com/orders/ and screenshot the page if you don’t see anything? If nothing, check myosmc.com/edit-account/ and make sure the email matches. If it doesn’t, you should log out and login using the right account.



I also have this issue. I made my order on July 25th, and received a confirmation email to the email address that is registered to my account, but no order shows up. Order number is 19006.
Many thanks!

Hi @Camberwell,

I have checked this for you.

Did you create the account (to post here) just recently? It takes a day to sync (as syncs are done between 2-3PM each day). I think that you just did not wait enough time yet.

I have manually synced this to your account regardless.


Hi Sam, I think I’ve worked out what’s happened, I’m using my phone for this forum, so when I pressed orders it looked like it kept reloading the page with no new info, however all I had to do was scroll to the bottom of the page and there it was, my order!. Maybe this is what’s happening to other people, phone screens instead of computer screens… thanks for your help and I look forward to getting my 4k+.


Hi Sam
i am trying to track my order but i can find it in my account. What should I do to track my order ?
Orderid #19395
Thank you
Kind regards

Well, in first post it says

Which could indicate that your order has not shipped.

Thank you very much, @sam_nazarko. That information was quite helpful, because I started wondering what had happened with my order. :smile:

See Vero 4K + shipment details (08/08/18) for latest details.


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I’m interested in the vero 4K+ mate, just wondering how long it’s likely to be available at the reduced price? as I won’t be able to get my hands on the money for a couple of weeks.

We will keep it at this price for a while.


Cheers Sam, 2 weeks is the longest it should take, I will probably order before that.

No problem. I am still hounding customs for progress on the next units.


Are they dispatched from the UK Sam?
Only ask as I’m in the uk, I understand you’re snowed under but what’s the eta from ordering to delivery?

Yes, they ship from the UK. See Vero 4K + shipment details (08/08/18) for more details about shipping.

Cool, i ordered anyway as there are issues with customs etc i thought it was better to get the ball rolling, this is what overdrafts were made for right?
Ive been using osmc on various Pis for a good few years now and after being very impressed with the software and support in general, I thought it was only right to purchase the flagship device.



Just wondering how long does it normally take to receieve a Vereo 4k when ordering off the site?.

I ordered on the 29th and havent had anything order then conformation of my order.

As Sam wrote in the other thread:

So it should be soon.

That doesn’t sound right. All orders have shipped.

I would open a support ticket and check your spam box to see if there’s anything there