Where's the new image from May?

Hello everyone!

I just wanna ask when the image from May will be available to download? Because I can only see the image of April in Download Section and some time already passed since you announced the May Update.

I would love to have the possibility to make a fresh new install from scratch.

Which device exactly?

For any device as you can see here: Download - OSMC
At the bottom of the page click at “Disk images” and you will see that the lastest image is from April…

Either way my device is Raspberry Pi 3.

The images are published now and will show up in a few days. Thanks
for your patience.

Thanks a lot Sam :wink:

could you kindly post also 2017.04-2 image (or simply the hotfix for the srt vulnerability)? The may update broke my CEC, unfortunately I had no time to provide logs etc and I had to revert to 2017.04-1. I have a spare SD to do all the tests on may update but all the family uses RPi so I need also a “stable” system.
Thank you


There’s no 2017.04-2 image planned.

You could download 2017.04-1 and then upgrade just Kodi.
However it’s probably worth you posting debug logs and helping us resolve the issue, or you’ll
be stuck on this version forever.

Hi Sam,
Thank you for tour answer. A soon as possible I’ll make a second SD card and post all the debug logs with the may update, could you kindly tell me how to upgrade just Kodi and not the whole system in order to get a stable system for my family without the vulnerability?

Hi @sam_nazarko,
unfortunately I had no time to post logs, in the meantime could you kindly tell me how to upgrade just Kodi on the 2017.04-1 build?
I assume you’ll need a log with specific CEC component, right?
Thank you

google says (for Raspberry pi 2&3):

sudo apt-get --only-upgrade install rbp2-mediacenter-osmc

If you have not yet downgraded to 2017.04-1 you can try downgrading just libcec with 4 commands as described here: HDMI-CEC stopped working after May update on LG and Samsung TVs - #14 by pingumale Maybe a bit less work…

I tried to downgrade just libcec on the may update but unfortunately it didn’t solve the issue. I’ll try in the next couple of days to post CEC logs.