Which is better, Jellyfin Kodi Plugin or Direct from NAS


Pretty simple question - which approach is better for streaming content that’s hosted on a NAS into the Vero 4K+?


Don’t know if it is the best way, the way i do it, is to create an nfs share on your nas, and use fstab to mount the nfs share.
You can also use kodi’s built in nfs browser to access the share, but i find the performance best if you use fstab.

What I do like about using Jellyfin in the middle is that I can manage subtitles with it. That said, I’m trying to go for optimal video quality, and I’m not sure whether one approach is preferable in that case.

Supposing that the Vero 4K+ can decode most things and that it would be direct streaming via Jellyfin vs having Jellyfin do any kind of transcoding/re-wrapping.

If I have Kodi access the files directly on the NAS via nfs/fstab it means Kodi now has to maintain its own set of metadata/subtitles.

I don’t know anything about Jellyfin so I can’t speak to anything to do with that, but Kodi can automatically download subs if that is what you want to do. Off the top of my head I think you would need to install the opensubtitle add-on and in its settings configure your account. If you don’t have an account you would need to go to their web site and make one for free. Once you have that then in Kodi’s settings (player>languages) you can configure the options for language and auto download. If what it grabbed automaticly isn’t correct then there is options during playback to search and download a different one.