Which operating system do i choose when configuring kodi with osmc on aptv1?

I have an Apple TV 1 and I am setting up osmc/kodi. While in the config wizard of osmc/kodi i have to choose my operating system. However, I am booting from an osmc usb not the hdd. I have a choice between selecting apple tv as my operating system or linux. Ultimately its an Apple TV but Im running off the osmc linux boot disk so which should i choose?

Never seen this.

Post a photo if unsure.

Your question is confusing. Which config wizard ?

When booting OSMC, whether installed on HDD or USB, you don’t get a choice of OS.
A OSMC HDD install wipes the original apple tv software.
A OSMC USB stick install will boot to OSMC if the stick is plugged in. If the USB stick is not plugged in, it will try to boot from the HDD.

The OSMC installer tool allows you to create a USB stick with the actual installation software on it.

Here’s a rundown of the main steps involved:

  1. First stick a blank USB stick into your computer.

  2. Download the Installer, for the operating system you are using to create the USB stick.
    Download - OSMC

The choices are OSX, Windows or Linux. (I use a macbook laptop so I choose OSX)

This main installer, will create the installation tool on a USB stick. That USB stick will then be used to install OSMC

  1. Run the installer. It will let you choose which device you are installing OSMC on.
    The choices are RaspberryPi, Vero 1, Vero 2, Apple TV.

  2. Once you choose which device you are installing to (in your case apple tv), it lets you choose which version you wish to install.

The versions for the ATV1 have names like:

  • 2016-10.1-USB
    The versions with “USB” are for those that want to run OSMC from the USB stick. This is for users who wish to test OSMC, or want to keep the original Apple Software.

The versions with “HDD” are for those that want to replace the Apple TV’s original software on the internal HDD, with OSMC. This gives you the best speed/performance, but will wipe the software on the internal HDD. Most people chose to do this.

Remember: Both HDD and USB installation versions, are first created on a USB stick.
The main installer just creates the actual installation tool on a USB stick, which will then install the version (HDD or USB) you choose.

  1. Once you choose which version you want, you will see a list of install options. These are disabled when you are installing OSMC on an Apple TV1 device.

  2. Device Selection: Choose which device you want to create the USB Stick installation tool on. This would be the blank USB stick you plugged into the computer. Make sure you choose the correct one. it will erase everything on the that device !

  3. The installer creation tool will then connect to the internet, download the version of OSMC you chose, and confirm that you want to copy it to the USB stick.

  4. Once the stick has been created, safely eject it from the computer

  5. Make sure the Apple TV is powered off/unplugged, and connected to your TV.

  6. Insert the USB stick into the Apple TV, and plug the Apple TV in.

  7. The installation and configuration of OSMC should start. Follow ALL the directions on the screen.

I may have missed a few minor details, but that’s the general idea.