Which port is which?

Aloha! I just received my Vero 4K+ (thanks Sam for sending it out so quickly) and am amazed by how small it is! Coming from a Raspberry Pi I expected it to be much chunkier, but it is nice and svelte :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get it up and running…

I do have a (kind of obvious) question though, that I haven’t been able to find the answer to - which port is which?? Colour coding the USB and 3.5mm ports would have really been useful, as it is I don’t know which one is audio in/out, and why one USB port is white and the other one black…
No mention in the manual either. Is there a picture somewhere with labels?

Thanks guys!

I hope this thread helps you

Thanks @fzinken, some but not all of my questions are answered there. The quest continues!