Which PVR backend works with the vero

Sorry for two similar posts but I think I’ve identified my problem

I don’t have a working PVR backend and so I can’t scan for channels.

When I enable NJoy N7 that at least produces a dialogue box saying that it can’t scan for channels. Myth TV seems to be just a front end as when I select scan for channels it doesn’t do anything.

I’ve just systematically gone through all the PVR clients and enabled them one by one. Several of them fail to become enabled. The dialogue box comes up saying VU+/Engima client connection lost.

Most give no response when I head back to search for channels. In other words I click the search for channels button and nothing happens.

A couple of them behave like NJoy when they trigger a dialogue box which says None of the connected PVR backends supports scanning for channels.

I’m giving up for the night, but if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated


Please, don’t apologize, just stick to a single thread, please! You are creating a mess here that no one who did know how to help would be able to follow.