Which SABNZBd version is supported

In the forum I see topics for SABNZBd versie 1.1.

However, SABNZBd is now at version 2.3.5. What version is supported on OSMC for RasPi 2?

On the current Debian version (stable) only 1.1.1 is available

@fzinken thanks for the quick reply

I did some googling and via https://www.reddit.com/r/SABnzbd/comments/8dq2lz/how_to_update/ ended up on this page
Howto: updating in Debian proper - SABnzbd Forums

Following the instruction there, I now have SABNZBd 2.3.5 running
I changed the commands for ‘stretch’ accordingly (as pointed out by @Tom_Doyle)

Thanks again

Hi Glad to here its working, but osmc is running stretch not jessie.

Also I would remove the entry from your sources list.

Thanks Tom.

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