Which Skin Are You Using?

Using Aura for a while now - currently in the WIP skins Kodi forum Aura but I haven’t come across anything not working (I don’t use PVR so can’t speak for that). Available for Krypton and Leia.

I’ve been using Titan for many years, but now that the developer is not in a position to spend much time on supporting it anymore (after doing amazing work for years), I wonder if I should switch to something else.
My must haves:

  • Vertical Custom Home items (basically one link for each one of my media sources)
  • Rotten Tomatoes for movies
  • as much as mediainfo possible
  • in active development

I keep everything pretty minimal to be kids friendly, so I don’t use any widget.

You could take over the development of Titan if you like it that much :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be nice, but I’m an hardware engineer with programming skills less than rudimentary…

I’m waiting for Leia to get more stable, and then if there are major issues with Titan, I’ll switch. Otherwise, I’ll fix anything minor.

I’ve recently found “Xperience1080” and I really like it so far. Very smooth, nice design.


We have been using as a standard the Kodi Default, across the devices. But I play with new skins every once in a while.

The OSMC skin is minimalist and clean but small text and didn’t seem to make it easy to find the DVD library.

But reading the post and I tried the mimic skin which was an instant hit with my family, Simple to navigate, shows the DVD library in large text / icon format.

I might also try the beta skin from emby, but not sure about this robustness. Easy to work out of the box.

Estuary. Its not perfect but it works out of the box is robust and without bugs.

I think its a little bit ugly but everything else is even uglier in my eyes.