Which Skin Are You Using?

Just curious which skin most people are using?
I’m currently mimic.


I’m using the default OSMC skin, it does everything I want and looks pretty clean.


Also using Mimic.

The OSMC skin… Of course :wink:

Using Mimic, too.
Clean, fast, simple, and have all the viewstyles (list, banners, showcase, etc) for files that I want.

Embuary for sure!



Estuary, before i dint like but now start growing on me

Good answer.

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I use a version of the Estuary skin I modified to make it a bit more customizable. I was using Kodi before I switched to OSMC, and the default OSMC skin just doesn’t work for me.

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Confluence still. Not a fan of anything flat/2D, minimal or similar to Google material design. These guys will only be happy if everything exclusively consists of circles, triangles, and squares.

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I recently switched to Aeon Madnox.
And wow, what an experience this is!
I totally love it and it blows the standard Aeon Nox away by far.

I use Titan, because of how much it can be customized, but is still really a simple skin as far as graphics. It’s not busy, and default backgrounds are often geometric patterns instead of pictures. It also has very readable fonts.

The feature I use most is being able to customize widgets more than most skins. I use the “Use submenu as widget” feature a lot.

I tried Mimic, and the vertical layout version isn’t too bad, although I prefer smaller widget icons. Also, it breaks on my “Movies” submenu if “Combine menu and submenu” is enabled.

Confluence. The OSMC skin seemed slower and some addons looked “funny” or didn’t integrate, so I switched back to Confluence.
I’m a heavy PlexBMC user. It has been years since I looked at any other skins.

Can’t part with Aeon MQ 7. Took me years of learning to mod to make it to my liking. :slight_smile:

Sort of stuck with Amber (used Metropolis for a while as well) - works for me anyhow …

Aeon Nox

Having moved to v18 - the current choices are more limited than v17. Currently liking GRID - quite a simple layout with just the info I need in a consistently formatted layout. Running a projector on 130" screen shows up any issues in quality of icons, text rendering etc quite clearly and so far GRID is nice and clean.