White Apple Remote Volume +/- with Vero 4K+

Hi OSMC folks, long time reader, first post. I love the simplicity of the white apple TV remote. I used it for many years with OSMC on an Apple TV, and more recently on a Vero 4k and now a 4k+.

I have the white Apple remote selected in the remotes section of OSMC, but I can’t seem to get the +/- volume to work, which is something I like to use on this remote. Is there an error in the remote configuration, or does it not support the volume buttons on this remote? Have I unwittingly changed a setting I did not mean to change?

I may be going crazy, but I swear the volume was working on this remote fairly recently, but no longer works. Instead, the +/- buttons advance the video files like the Vero remote’s up and down buttons do.

Any help or advice from anyone experiencing the same issue would be great. Thank you.

I think there are two remotes.

One’s silver and one’s white.

If the buttons are registering, but simply doing the wrong thing, it’s simple enough to change this behaviour. Install the Addon Keymap Editor and you can remap this functionality.



Hi Sam, thank so much for the tip. I downloaded Keymap Editor, and used it to edit the buttons, and I thought I was having success … but after I saved the changes I made inside the app, only the up, down and back buttons work on my remotes (white apple and Vero 4k+ remotes). And now I can’t figure out how to navigate to make any changes or revert to the old remote profile, since the play button now no longer acts as a “select” button. I seem to be stuck. Any suggestions on how to reset?

If you have a smart phone, you could use the Yatse app to temporarily control Kodi. Otherwise you probably will need to SSH in, and revert your changes.

You can control it via web browser as well temporarily