Who has a step by step guide for FULL SBS 3D? | Raspberry pi 2 B

Hi you all,

I recently purchased a new 4K 3D tv (Sony 55x8508c) and like many others, i would like to see some of the good 3D movies like Gravity. The only problem is that i don`t want to loose any quality, so i want to use Full SBS (full side by side).
But when i see posts about 3D then they mostly talking about HSBS (half side by side) or HTAB (half tab and bottom) Depending on the 3D option you take, you will loose quality horizontal or vertical.

Can someone please tell me step by step how i can watch Full SBS Because i mostly see older threads and maybe it is more easy now to wacht Full SBS on Kodi. I also have 2 questions about it.

1 Can you use blu-ray 3D iso files to watch Full SBS on kodi?
2 What are the best settings to watch Full SBS 3D on Kodi?

I use the Raspberry pi 2 Model B to playback my video`s.

Thanks in advanced!

Full SBS is not supported (resolution > 1920x1080).
However MVC is supported by the Pi which is the 3D format used by Blu-Rays.
(that is full resoluton, 1920x1080 for each eye).

On OSMC Jarvis, you will need to rip this to an mkv file to play it (e.g. with makemkv).
This is a remux rather than a transcode, so doesn’t affect quality and is a quick operation (a few minutes).
Make sure you name it as a 3D file (e.g. with “.3D.MVC.” in filename).

OSMC Krypton should also support 3D ISO files directly.

Thank you Popcornmix, i think i got it to work. (but still one small problem)

What i did was ripped a iso to MKV With MakeMKV and checked the MVC option and the subtitles/audio i want. I don`t know if its necessary to check the subtitles and audio you want?

But what i see is that the subtitles sometimes displays correct, and sometimes it is out of frame and very big. Do you know how that is possible and how i can fix it?

Also when i play the movie i can choose at different options. When i choose “same as movie” it wont directly start in 3D, i have to do this manually. Is there a option to start 3D movies automatically in 3D?

I think the subtitles are fixed for Krypton.

I meant fix the problem that sometimes the subtitles are out of frame. Sometimes is displays the subtitles correctly, but sometimes it is going out of frame (only seeing a couple of words and very big).

Yes, that is the issue I believe is fixed with Krypton build.
Can you try the Krypton test build?