Who to contact with forum issues?

For the last topic I tried to post I got a message that it had to be approved by a moderator.

I’m a bit puzzled by this, since it was in this category and I’m not sure who to contact.

P.S.: I sent a message using the web form, but isn’t there a support user I can PM?

When was this?

Within the last hour or so.

I believe the title was scraping and cleanstrings

There is no sign of it in the moderation inbox.
I suggest post it here again as a post and then I create a thread out of it. Or was it a reply to an existing thread?

The problem is I don’t have it anymore. The text is gone. I wrote it in the text area here. I guess I will never do this again and always write it in my text editor.
Argh, it will take me a while to reconstruct it.

It was a new topic.

Really strange, I never have lost a post even when trying to upload in patchy network situations.
So the message that it needs to be approved by a moderator doesn’t include any reference to the message?

If you get a moderation message, it’s always because a user has copied and pasted a message. This makes Discourse think a user has typed too fast, i.e. they are a spam-bot.

But a PM is always sent, and the post is preserved and restored after a moderator clicks Approve. This hasn’t appeared on our system.

Can you please show us a screenshot of the message you received?

@sam_nazarko it wasn’t a PM. It was a new topic in #general-discussion

I only pasted part of the message (less than 30%). I even changed the pasted text. It took me about 25 minutes to write the entire post, so I was not typing to fast.

The message I received was a popup in discourse. This is gone too, so I can’t send you a screenshot.

I know.

If a topic is auto-moderated, the system will automatically send you a PM to tell you your post has been moderated. If you haven’t received one, then the post hasn’t been moderated, and in fact, hasn’t been received.

All I can suggest is to re-post your topic.


Nope, I haven’t received a PM, only the popup after I clicked Create Topic.

Writing it again will take a while…

As I said, I will never, ever write one again in this text area. I will write it in my text editor and copy and paste it. In that case, I will always have a copy.

Then the post was certainly not received on our side if it wasn’t published or hidden pending approval. We only hold back posts on suspicion of spam but do approve them quickly (usually within a few minutes)

Okay – not sure what happened. Sorry about this.


No worries, I’m a discourse admin myself, so I’m very confused about this. There should be something in the logs at admin/logs/staff_action_logs. Weird. I think I created it around 23:45 UTC.

Anyway, I will try to reconstruct it.

Ok, I got it again:

Well that’s odd especially as it says you have 2 posts now pending.
Still none shown here.
I guess @sam_nazarko is catching a bit sleep now. Let’s see what potentially can be found in the logs.

Yeah, there’s certainly nothing I can do on my end. :frowning: Very strange. :thinking:

But at least now I have the text in a file.

As you can post here without an issue I wonder what potential Word or URL might be in the other post that make it being blocked

Very good question.

Yep. It was approved. Hooray!

Whoever approved it, please let me know what the reason was so that I can avoid it the next time.

Maybe Prometheus triggered it which is a banned Addon (in your case a movie name).
Or it was the fast write rule.
I think the topic that we need to check why the moderator inbox was blocked and not showing it.