Why 100 not 1000 network


No big deal here, but just wondering why the team decided to go for 100 mbps instead of 1000 mbps for the network.

Considering that Gigabit network has been out there for quite a long time, is stable, and does not cost much more than 100, why was it decided to go for 100 instead of 1000? I would pay some prewium to get that. Even though to play 4k content from a network device 100 is enough, there could be scenarios when files are copied from a network location to an attached USB drive via Vero / file manager.

I could attach a Gigabit USB network adapter via USB but then it is only 480 mbps (via USB2) and if I want to copy the files to a USB drive attached but there is already network adapter attached to another USB, this would degrade the speed even more.

Was there such a big difference in price of components and production that prevented the 1000 option?

Also, wouldn’t Gigabit make it faster to start, fast forward and rewind media while watching?


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