Why can't I exit KODI to the underlying OS?

What’s driving this issue is that I want to use a Rii mini i8+ bluetooth kbd/touchpad gadget to control my RPi-based OSMC. Although I’ve posted about this issue elsewhere, so far no good…

Anyway, it’s always bothered me that the usual KODI exit won’t really exit for me - it just restarts KODI so I can’t go where I’m GUESSING I’ll need to (the OS command line terminal) in order to “force” recognition of the dongle and keyboard.

I’m reluctant to accept that I’m the lone stranger in this, but I’ve not been able to find any other posts that offer useful clues in either matter.

Anyone ? ? ?

Press ‘ESC’ when you exit Kodi to get to the shell.
If you want a remote that just works, consider this.

Thanks, Z

I’m able to ssh in, but didn’t guess the inside trick (properly timed ESC). Problem is - my mouse doesn’t offer an escape button, and even with ssh access I’m not yet able to get my little keyboard recognized, from which I could send an ESC.

I’ve also been toying with systemctl mediacenter - but that simply gets me a totally blank screen without even a hint of a mouse cursor or cmd line, so I’m trying to sort why I can use this Rii kbd if I boot raspbian but not osmc.

But thanks to you, anyway!!!


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Stopping Kodi with systemctl isn’t intended to give you a command line unless you enable the getty@tty1.service.

Hi Sam

If my wife heard your suggestion that I might, by some aberration of the quantum flux lines in our neighborhood, actually be physically ABLE to squeeze one more (even SMALL) remote control into our living room, she’d double over in hysterics! Some living rooms sport a small horde - I’m over the edge. So, as slick as that one may be, it fails to accomplish the non-trivial objective of being able to enter text faster than an on-screen virtual kbd allows. As such, it really wouldn’t offer anything that I can’t currently do with the mouse (that I’d really like to have back for my laptop, BTW).

— plus, I’m fresh out of POUNDS and don’t foresee having any in the near future - but thanks —

IOW - I’ve nary an uncle by the name of Bob. AAMOF - I’m fresh out of uncles, too! Even Sam has been away on some extended holiday for nearly a decade. Rumors of his return have been heard on some obscure news sources, but it remains to be seen…


There’s nothing you can do via the ‘stop kodi & press esc’ console that you can’t do via ssh.

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True, that; however, to get in via ssh entails a whole nuther computer rather than just accessing the OS directly from the keyboard and mouse that I’m TRYING to get working. Can’t do it YET, but I’m hoping that, since I CAN use this Rii mini i8+ bluetooth if I opt to boot Raspbian, in theory I SHOULD be able to get it in OSMC as well. Theoretically. So far, no joy, admittedly, but spring hopes eternal…

True, but if it allows you to get that keyboard working you’ll then be able to use the console by exiting kodi. Whatever happens, you’re not going to be able to fix the non-working keyboard by using the non-working keyboard!

Try the following:

  • Remove the Rii’s dongle from the pi
  • Reboot the pi to clear the logs.
  • Connect via SSH.
  • Run sudo apt-get install usbutils
  • Run lsusb (and copy and paste the output)
  • Run dmesg (and copy and paste the output)
  • Insert the Rii’s dongle into the Pi
  • Run lsusb (and copy and paste the output)
  • Run dmesg (and copy and paste the output)

Upload all 4 copy/pastes to http://paste.osmc.io/ (all in one file will do - just label them before and after) and post the resulting link here.

At least that way we will have some understanding of why your keyboard isn’t working.

Then once your keyboard is fixed you’ll be able to stop using SSH and just use ESC to get a console.

Huh? I CAN’T??? Dang – I’m SUNK.

No - jk - that would be funny if it didn’t presume that I were that iggernunt.

At any rate, THANKS for finally giving me something into which I might sink my hypothetical teeth (presuming, of course, that I still HAD teeth).

Yeah - I can do that - right after I tend the leak in the kitchen.

IOW - I’ll do my homework and get back with that.


and SSHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - be VERY QUIET!

Uh-oh – may take longer than expected now - tried running apt updates and now it won’t finish booting up. As this is a multi-OS, multi-boot card it may take me awhile. . . .

You are quite strange.

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