Why can't I reposition stream pointer in video playback?

I just updated osmc on my rip after a year. Previously, the playback controls would allow me to click anywhere on the stream position bar to jump to that point in the movie. I like the new interface after updating to the latest this morning, but I can no longer jump to an arbitrary position in the video. I can only fast forward up to 32x. Why?

Thanks in advance,

Hi John

Which skin are you using? I’m guessing it’s the OSMC one. A photo or screenshot will confirm this.
Are you saying you want to be able to click on the bar to get to that part of the video?

@BobCrachett - is this something we can trivially add to the OSMC skin?


Yes, exactly. Seems like this should be base functionality. Didn’t realize it was part of the skin. And, yes I’m using the osmc skin.


Okay – we’ll see what we can do. We don’t have a lot of mice users, and our skin’s origins didn’t support mice, so that’s where the lack of capability has stemmed from.

This feature has already been added to git, so will be included in the next skin update.


Thank you.